Definition of Computer Networking

Computer Network

A computer network is a group of computers that shares information across wireless or wired technology. Computer networks used to only be available for corporations but they are affordable for small businesses and individuals. Computer networking requires two computers, a protocol and the hardware to connect them.





The basic hardware needed for a computer network is a router and network cards. A router directs traffic to the different computers. A router is similar to a traffic light. It handles network traffic and sends it to the different segments of the network.


Network Card

A network card is required so the computers can communicate. A network card is an integral part of a computer network because it provides the computer a way to send and retrieve data.


A protocol is the communication method used by the computer network. The protocol packages the information sent by the sender computer and delivers it to the recipient.


A server is a part of the network. It is a machine with massive storage capabilities and faster processing, so multiple users can save and use resources.


The term “client” is given to the multiple user computers on the network. The client logs into the network on the server and is given permissions to use resources on the network. Client computers are normally slower and require permissions on the network, which separates them from server computers.



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