The Social Network

The Social Network

When Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg), creating up, have you ever imagined in the mind of this young man that he would become the youngest millionaire and what he created would become a phenomenon? Probably not, but certainly that’s what really happened. And more certainly, it is not possible we could have 500 million friends without a single enemy.

One night in 2003, Mark Zuckerberg sat transfixed in front of his computer. In his mind raced with an idea that must soon realize it and not long later, the basic concept up is created, even though it was still not called up. No need to long for this concept to find its form among internet users, mainly students around the United States. In a short time, created what was to become a revolution in the way of communicating.

Six years later, Mark Zuckerberg already has 500 million friends on the site which he created and at the same time Mark also became the youngest millionaire at the time. Unfortunately, not everything can run smoothly. Mark Travel also tinged with personal problems and legal affairs. And as noted above, we may not have 500 million friends without a single enemy.

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